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I recently travelled to Turkey and stayed in Calis near the regional centre of Fethiye. A surprise holiday location for myself really, as it is renowned not so much for the pumping nightlife as it is for its numerous restaurants and bars that sprawl along the beach front.

I choose this destination as I had decided to rent a villa off a family friend, a new build that was purchased as a holiday home within a complex of additional nearby villas. With the exception of the pool which was shared amongst the surrounding villas, it had everything to itself, gardens, balconies, and even a back porch.

In all aspects the villa was pristine, three stories, three balconies spread from front to back, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, lounge and dining area and as previously mentioned had full access to a quiet swimming pool. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

As for the surrounding area of Calis, it is very much a small market town. Restaurants and bars litter single high street which is not too adept to tourists, so much so that the language barrier if frustrating in places. There are plenty of regional markets to look at and as such we visited the Chalis market on the Sunday and the Fethiye market on the Tuesday, but there are plenty of others available.

We also took part in some slightly more adventurous activities. There were plenty on offer, all of which are fairly priced and include door to door pick up and drop off. We choose paragliding as this area is renowned the world over for its picturesque landscape, and thus is one of the best paragliding spots in the world.

Our paragliding flight started at a little less than 2000ft where we had to run off the side of a mountain and the gradually fly back to earth over the course of a 30 minute flight. Again this is highly recommended if you ever get the chance.


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