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Does anybody have any killer ideas on fundraising? Lately I have been racking my brains about ideas on how to raise extra funds for a local sports club. With grass roots sport becoming increasingly costly to participate in, local clubs have to find more and more money each year to keep going.

This year, if the sports club in question was to progress any further, additional developments would be required. This is to meet the minimum standard needed to act as a representative of that specific league.

There are of course the traditional fundraisers, bingo nights, meat draws and the like, but I am on the search for avenues the club hasn’t yet explored.

One avenue explored was the people at

I started using this website which allows you to raise funds when you shop online. Over 400 top retailers are participating in the scheme and all you have to do is use the retailer links provided on the easyfundraising site whenever you shop online, and at no extra cost any good cause you choose to nominate will benefit from all your online purchases.

This service does not cost you a penny extra to use, and if you select my cause when you register they will benefit. I support: Otterton Football Club

Imagine what a difference could be made if we all started using this site to raise funds for good causes when shopping online.

Zat Guns

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I read about the US army plans to build a giant laser for use in the battlefield and it made me vision something like the fight scenes we see in Sci Fi films like Starwars.

The story reported by the BBC reported that Boeing has won a contract to begin a project that will eventually control a giant truck loaded laser beam.

The story develops to explain that the US military is funding the development of a system to accurately point and focus a laser beam onto an enemy target, which will be mounted upon a ten tonne eight wheel mobility tactical truck.

The system was conceived as a way to shoot down enemy missiles and mortars, to protect ground troops and military complexes in the field of battle.

I remember reading about another pilot programme some weeks back, where the US military funded development of a gas which was aimed to increase the sexual urges of enemy soldiers so as to distract them from fighting.

Although this gas concept it never materialised, it gets you thinking of the possible concepts that are batted around behind closed doors in the pentagon and other military research facilities that we couldn’t normally imagine. Perhaps we are not far from the day where the battlefield becomes a similar scene of the Sci Fi blockbusters we grew up on.

Spurs Transfer Activity

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It isn’t news to many that Tottenham have been fairly active in the transfer market throughout this year’s pre season. After the strain last season’s cup runs put on the squad, it was clear both strength and depth needed to be added in order to make an assault on the top four a realistic ambition during the 2007-08 season.

The major summer signing comes in the form of Darren Bent, signed from Charlton for 17million pounds. Overpriced in my opinion but his quality is undoubted, and should provide additional firepower to the already impressive attacking options of Keane, Berbatov and Defoe who combined netted more than 60 times last year!

With news of the sale of Mido for six million released today that should balance the inflated price tag paid for bent, and IMO is a player we won’t miss. He seemed an inadequate back up for last season’s arrival of Berbatov, and failed to impress me after his loan deal at the lane.

One area in where a need for improvement was emphasized during last season’s campaign was our left flank. The lack of naturally left sided players at times made the team look unbalanced, and should have been a priority signing for us before the 17 million pound signing of Bent. With the arrival of Bale for 10 million we have a natural left footer, who can play full back, or push up to the wing in times of need. Also arriving this summer is Adel Taarabt who can push out to a wide left position also.

One other consideration last term was the long term availably of King. Over the worst now *touches head* he should be back before long, but cover cost us points last year, and could have cost us even more had it not been for the performances of my player of the season Dawson.

Our signing of Younes Kaboul from Auxerre will provide more than adequate cover, and I’m sure the French U21 international will be looking to break into the first team before long.

These four signings have added the quality required for a top four assault, and with the potential signings of Kevin-Prince Boateng, German under 21 young player of the year, and Wright-Philips providing additional wide options, the face of the Spurs squad could change even more by the time August the 31st roles around.

Calis : Turkey

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I recently travelled to Turkey and stayed in Calis near the regional centre of Fethiye. A surprise holiday location for myself really, as it is renowned not so much for the pumping nightlife as it is for its numerous restaurants and bars that sprawl along the beach front.

I choose this destination as I had decided to rent a villa off a family friend, a new build that was purchased as a holiday home within a complex of additional nearby villas. With the exception of the pool which was shared amongst the surrounding villas, it had everything to itself, gardens, balconies, and even a back porch.

In all aspects the villa was pristine, three stories, three balconies spread from front to back, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, lounge and dining area and as previously mentioned had full access to a quiet swimming pool. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!

As for the surrounding area of Calis, it is very much a small market town. Restaurants and bars litter single high street which is not too adept to tourists, so much so that the language barrier if frustrating in places. There are plenty of regional markets to look at and as such we visited the Chalis market on the Sunday and the Fethiye market on the Tuesday, but there are plenty of others available.

We also took part in some slightly more adventurous activities. There were plenty on offer, all of which are fairly priced and include door to door pick up and drop off. We choose paragliding as this area is renowned the world over for its picturesque landscape, and thus is one of the best paragliding spots in the world.

Our paragliding flight started at a little less than 2000ft where we had to run off the side of a mountain and the gradually fly back to earth over the course of a 30 minute flight. Again this is highly recommended if you ever get the chance.

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