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After recently moving house I was presented with the task of finding an internet service provider to provide all my residential broadband needs. After looking at the usual broadband packages available, and refusing to consider a certain big name provider after a prior sour experience with them, I narrowed it down to a short list of three.

The requirements were a broadband connection, without the limitation of download limits, with a landline phone package included to provide free calls. Each of these boxes are fairly easy to tick with most packages on offer until I realised that not all packages include line rental inclusive of the package price.

Contract length was also a consideration, and with the short listed providers they allowed you to take you contract with you if you were to move for some reason within the minimum 12 month term.

Three of the favourites that I chose were Tiscali, Be unlimited and Orange. I had previously used the Orange Livebox broadband set up and it is very easy and I was impressed with the overall service. Be unlimited offered by far the best internet connection in relation to price and offered a short three month contract, and Tiscali with there range of packages were also favourable.

It turned out that due to there being no inclusive calls I scrapped Be unlimited as it worked out financially inefficient to get two separate contracts. Although my first choice, the Orange package unfortunately did not include line rental, whereas for the same price Tiscali did.

I decided on the Tiscali package for £19.99 a month, and have only just found out that a BT installation fee of £120 is required too :(


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