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The best performing unit trust in the UK last year was the Co-operative Insurance sustainable leaders trust. It came out on top of a list of the 324 all companies UK unit trusts, having avoided casino and tobacco industries that suffered a tough year.

(Read the BBC article here)

This is the first time an ethical investment fund has topped the performance chart, and has helped such investments take a step towards shedding the image that ethical investments are unprofitable. As a result investment funds such as these are growing in popularity.

In the news recently we have also seen Norway change is stance on the vice industries of corporate America. By recently pulling out of Wal-mart and defence contractors Boeing and Lockheed Martin for ‘ethical fallings’, Oslo is certainly revaluating where it’s $300 billion rainy day fund is invested.

Could it be as ethical investments grow ever more popular, and prove as profitable as investments guided without any ethical values, that larger institutions will take note and change their position on how their money is invested?

Anyone care to think of the impact of Saudi Oil fortunes coming to corporate America such with investment clauses?


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