Thailand – Part 1

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Having recently travelled to Thailand I thought it appropriate to write a blog on some of my experiences. Having booked early in a group, the organisation burden that usually lay upon my shoulders was lifted on this excursion, to which I took full advantage and simply set a side spending money and waited for a departure date.

After arriving in the recently completed Bangkok international airport, we proceeded to a somewhat suspect minibus which was due to complete our journey with a further hours drive down the coast. What was to follow could have been interpreted as a sign of things to come, luckily for us it wasn’t after our bartered for minibus suffered a puncture. Such things happen and after suffering a similar fete a few days prior to my leaving I thought a quick tyre change in a quiet lay by would have been a simple resolution.

It was however a different experience and one which rubber stamped how this country has quickly developed without the regulations we take for granted in the west. We came to a halt on what was a poorly constructed two lane carriageway that ran the through the rural countryside with the sole purpose of linking the cities of Bangkok and Pattaya.

After being stranded on the verge of this carriageway in near 100 degree heat for well over an hour, with articulated lorries barley passing as our bus laid saddled into the carriageway, a replacement vehicle arrived to take us on the remainder of out journey.

Once we arrived, one of the first things on my agenda was the beach. After a stroll down Beach Road we spend an afternoon lying under straw umbrellas eating food cooked fresh as we lazed, and drinking refreshments placed in our hands from ice boxes by every person trying to make their next 50 baht.

Pre holiday beer and resulting intoxication it was decided we should try out some local Jet Skiing. Having never Jet Skied before, I was anxious as three brand new Skis pulled up, each with an engine to rival some speed boats. Expecting a crash course on how to control them, or boundaries restrictions on designated Jet Skiing areas, I was shocked when the safety talk was consisted of,

“Watch the swimmers and don’t crash.”

And that was it, as we sped of round a nearby island and went miles round the coast.

More to follow. . .


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