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The explosion of the online casino is apparent to even the most novice Internet user. With the amalgamation of casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker to an online environment, internet gaming is becoming accessible to an audience who was previously unable to participate in the traditional casino environment.

The characteristics of the internet mean that gambling is no longer dominated by a select number of casino outlets. Location and timing are no longer an issue, resulting in the opening up of a new gaming audience that was otherwise untapped.

There is also the anonymity that gambling via the internet provides. The virtual casino has less control than a traditional one on how often and with whom you can bet. National and local laws are harder to enforce, and the social impact of gambling, raising aweness of the potential addiction and the subsequent support needed is becoming harder and harder to manage.

The culture of casino gaming is no longer confined to traditional stereotypes. Gambling on popular casino games is no longer a predominantly male activity that is restricted to weekends or special occasions. What was once a niche activity has had the taboos lifted thanks to the internet.

I, for one, am a glad to see the rise of this mirrored gaming culture. Those long trips to casinos are no longer required, and the seeking of players for games and tournaments is an activity that is now redundant. Most importantly participants are not confined to the Poker etiquette that many can find so intimidating in a casino establishment.

There are countless gaming sites on the internet offering a range of benefits for new members. By playing a range of sites you will identify the type of audience that you wish to play with, and those that you don’t. One feature I like is the bet365 ‘One Account’ policy where by you can use the same account funds for sports betting as the online Casino. Other favourites include 32red and VC poker.

I feel that as an experienced gamer the freedom allowed to me by online casino’s is a breath of fresh air, but this is because I set myself strict betting limits and also partake in the ‘fake money’ tournaments and ‘sit and go’ tables, where the losses are either zero or a set minimum. For all looking to start a journey onto online gaming I suggest that you research this in more depth, and also start by playing on the fake money table for a better idea of not only how the games are played, but also to understand how easily, if that money was real, you can end up in a difficult situation.


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