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Most of us are cautious to the extent that we insure items that hold a monitory value in-case the unexpected actually happens. Airing on the side of caution is a path many of us choose including myself, after all, it takes time to accumulate the possessions we hold dear and the thought that all could be lost in an instant doesn’t seem an acceptable burden.

This is true for more than material possessions and can also account for matters of health. In a growing ‘Nanny Culture’ it is the ‘Norm’ to insure oneself for unpredictable illness or accidents, in some cases even seeking compensation for the inconvenience.

Personally I believe there is a line. I find it acceptable to insure possessions that I am not able to immediately replace, in the event them becoming damaged or stolen. Having individual insurance policies for a mobile phone, TV, DVD player and personal computer has always seemed acceptable and sensible along with additional covers such as breakdown cover on car insurance, card protection with the Bank and home insurance.

It was not until an incident on the motorway where by I needed breakdown cover on New-Years Day that my thinking changed. Having not ticked the ‘Add Breakdown Cover’ box on the insurance application, and subsequently being left high and dry, I realised how much this call-out would cost. Needless to say I trawled home and decided to sit down and to reassess my priorities.

Having recently upgraded my mobile phone and needing travel insurance for my trip to the Far-East, I looked around for a package to cover all of my needs; the result was an account upgrade through my local bank. By paying around £14 a month I could have mobile phone insurance, travel insurance and breakdown cover which individually would set me back around £190 a year, which is a saving of £22, plus the piece of mind that all of my needs are catered for under one policy on a month to month basis as I am not tied to a yearly contract.

As well this cover I got protection on many of my major electrical items, card protection and housing insurance, which allows me to no longer worry about those expensive appliance warranty extensions, payment protection fees and a home insurance policy. It’s nice having piece of mind, and also having my policies grouped as it is far easier to keep a handle on things.


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