Second Chances

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After recently getting a new phone I thought I would comment on how good the new Sony Ericsson W850i actually is.

To prove I am not bias I should mention my previous experience with Sony Ericsson phones. A few years ago I purchased a brand new Sony Ericsson model on a ‘Pay as you Go’ plan for around £150. This phone, (the model escapes me), was indeed an excellent phone for the time, however within a month there were problems.

After continually returning the hand set to the local dealer I was told that it had to be sent away to Sony Ericsson HQ located in France (at the time). Initially this left me without a phone for 4 weeks and then a less than adequate replacement for a further 6 weeks, where by other manufacturer warranty claims were generally investigated within 6 weeks. Justifiably disgruntled, I boycotted Sony Ericsson hand sets until now.

Already pessimistic I ordered the handset on the recommendation of several online reviews and was more than pleased with its performance. The latest in the generation of walkman phones with a 1GB memory makes my previous MP3 player redundant, and the 2 megapixal camera although not the best available, is still a good piece of kit.


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